a different kind of shoes.

Some time back in the fall I made a decision that I needed to participate in more team sports. And until the day that I can relocate my tennis serve, I thought kickball would be the easiest way to start back on that. It would be a nice contrast to my solitary runs and full days spent alone in my office or evenings spent alone at home. So I talked to my best friend and my brother and they decided to combine their kickball teams and we all joined up together.

Yesterday, after a trip to Starbucks in which the woman at the counter looked at me and said that she could tell I was clearly in need of my tea, I made the journey home from Atlanta. I made it back to Columbia in time to attend the funeral of a close family friend and the kind of 38 year old woman whose life was lived in the way I could only ever dream of being. While running Sunday morning, I found several people wearing tshirts with 2 Timothy 4:7 printed on the back of them. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” It was the first thing I looked up after I crossed the finish line and turned off my music. It was also a verse that was repeated over and over again at Jennifer’s funeral.

When I left I was encouraged more than ever. I felt God reminding me to keep the faith. To finish what I start. I’m reminded through others to be compassionate and to live passionately.

Last night I laced up my cleats from high school and headed out to the kickball field with my brother and friends and I had so much fun. I’m excited about meeting new people, spending time with my friends, getting exercise in in a fun way, and trying harder to be an encouraging and kind person who thinks positively and who others want to be surrounded by.


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