i ran 13.1 miles.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, hopped in the car, and road downtown to run my first half marathon in the hilly and hot Atlanta morning. AND I HAD SO MUCH FUN. Pete was an awesome trainer and aside from being informed one hour before start time that the last 3 miles were “brutal” I wasn’t really nervous about the race. Heck, I’ll do (almost) anything for a metal.

Isn’t it pretty!? I want another one already.

When I initially signed up for the race late last year I thought 2:30 was a good goal.  On the morning of the race I was encouraged to run in the 2:15 corral, which worked out perfectly:

As we walked to the car we made a quick stop by Starbucks for some tea AND THEY EVEN SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT:

Talk about good morning.

Soon enough it was beer time. For dinner Sunday night, we headed to Farm Burger in Decatur. What I had was DELICIOUS. One ice cold beer plus sweet potato fries plus this:

The Veggie Quinoa Burger

Mixed greens, marinated beets, balsamic red onions, garlic aioli

Afterwards we made the long anticipated trip to Brick Store for more beer. My first night of beer drinking in 2012!

I’ve missed it. Now I’m trying to decide what to sign up for next so I can reward myself with more Belgium brews.


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