wall hang ups.

When you have a new canvas, you can spend days and weeks and months trying to decide what exactly to hang on your walls. And that’s what I’ve been doing the past 10 months.

You know what no one talks about when they talk about how great an open floor plan is? That there are less nooks to hang pictures in and more long never ending blank walls to adorn.

Last night I finally hung some plates I purchased at my church garage sale in August. My new dilemma is what to hang in the blank space between them because I still think it needs something.

Here is the wall I’m working with:

IMG_8373 (1).jpg

Our foyer had an odd floating glass top table between the two closet doors and we removed that table and D installed batten board and a built-in live edge bench. Here is my inspiration for this room from The White Buffalo Styling Co.:


D did a pretty bang up job. Because this is in our foyer and we enter the house through the opposite end of the house, I’m not going to add wall hooks here like I’d originally planned. It’s between two coat closets so it’s not really necessary.


So here’s my question: what do I put over the bench? Here are my current recommendations:

  • A mirror
    • I love this idea as I love mirrors in rooms and think they make the room feel bigger. Opposite this space is a cased opening into a formal living room followed by a cased opening into a dining room which faces a mirror as well. There’s also a mirror on the same wall in the room you would enter to the right.
    • My preference is for a federal mirror like this:IMG_8382
    • I also like the simplicity of a gold frame round mirror, though I might replace the one in the next room with something like that
  • A tray/platter – I had considered one like the one below but don’t know that it would necessarily flow with the blue willow plates or fill the 30″ x 30″ space.platter
  • A wreath
  • Nothing

Help me!


3 thoughts on “wall hang ups.

  1. OMG I was literally going to tweet you a picture of a Federal mirror last night when I saw your post! That is my vote!!

  2. I love the platter or something else that’s rectangular to mimic the shape of the nook. And especially since you already have circles with the little plates (which I love). This is so cute!!

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