the lighting dilemma.

It’s so great having a talented, handy husband but the worst part — the part that no one ever thinks about — is that when I come up with something I want for our house I get a big ole siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhh and a “I’ve put that light up in soooo many houses.” Of course I take that as man, Kristin, you’ve got good taste. Unfortunately, he does not.

That said, I decided the other day that I wanted a particular light fixture in our dining room. And I get it … I mean, even have picked this out, purchased it, and uh “put it up in another house” (ie D put it up for me). But it wasn’t my house, I didn’t get to live in it and enjoy it, and seeing it in this home made me love it even more. And now D is sick of it.

So, here’s the want I want(ed):


And here’s one I’m considering instead:


So, what do we think?


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