A born and raised Columbia girl, I live and love my home. I was raised with a close knit family, a love of boiled peanuts, grilled cheese, and klavmost importantly, key lime pie. The hills of Clemson and the mountains of North and South Carolina are the places I most feel home, but I’ll settle for the company of my best friends any night of the week. I strive to find beauty in all things and like to add in a little bit of my own when I can and the paintbrush cooperates.

After 10 years working for a lobbyist group and advocating for farmers and rural lifestyles, I switched to PR and now work raising money for cancer and doing event planning. While I will always remain an advocate for agriculture, this has allowed me an opportunity to make a difference in an area I feel personally passionate about as I have two parents who have been affected by cancer diagnoses, my mother’s being a Stage 3b lobular breast cancer diagnosis during my freshman year of college. While I prefer to be behind the computer or the canvas, being an advocate for a cause and cure I believe in is a dream come true.

If you ever see me around town with a vanilla chai tea in hand, my head in the clouds, and a book in my purse, give me a hello. I love new friends.


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