cranberry apple overnight oats.

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday. I cleaned the house, decorated some more, cuddled my sweet newborn nephew, went on a walk with him and my sister-in-law, grocery shopped with my husband, cooked a few things up in the kitchen, and then fell asleep on the couch with my puppies while watching Netflix. So basic, so good.

I filled the crock pot with another clean eating recipe for breakfast for D and I for the week. Here’s what we will be having (with leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving):

Apple Cranberry Overnight Oats


2 cups oats – The recipe called for steel cut oats but I had quick cooking oats from making Apple Cranberry Crisp at Friendsgiving this year and those worked just fine!
1 T honey
1 1/2 cups fresh cranberries
3/4 cup unsweetened organic applesauce
2 apples cored and sliced
1/4 cup stevia in the raw
1/2 t sea salt
1/4 t pure vanilla extract
3 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
3 cups water


1. Spray your crock pot with non-stick spray.
2. Put all the ingredients into your slow cooker and cook overnight on low (around 8 hours).
3. Once cooked, stir oats to combine and serve.

It’s not pretty (but when is oatmeal ever?) but it was nice and warm and tasty when I woke up in the morning!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg


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