the dresser project: the plan.

Since D and I got married, I’ve had trouble finding things. Where are my sweatpants? No clue. Where’s that black v-neck I have? Probably in a tupperware in the office. Where are my t-shirts? Under the guest room bed. I can’t get the organization part of sharing a house with someone right.

Here’s what we brought into the marriage as far as dressers go:

1 old wooden dresser with a good bit of personality that I store jewelry and pants in, but that my mom would LOVE to have back so she can put it in the mountain house. (Mine)

1 smaller dresser from Good Wood that I first painted red with silver Anthropologie knobs, then painted blue with yellow knobs from Hobby Lobby, and now have in our guest room filled with workout clothes. (Mine)

1 long wooden dresser. (His)

So, naturally, I feel like I should focus on what he brought into the marriage first. My plan for this dresser from the beginning has been to sand it down, fill the holes, and paint it a crisp white. Oddly enough I’ve been inspired by the crisp white Ikea dressers, but want to obviously use what we have, which is perfectly good wood.


I had been looking at Homegoods recently and cataloging the knob and handle selection they have. Lately they have had some good brass and leather options that I thought would go well with the crisp white, but haven’t been able to bite the bullet on.

Then, I was reading Little Green Notebook this week and noticed the ease of doing agate knobs and kind of fell in love with that idea.


How fun and funky does that look? It also provides a little subtle pop of color, which I’ll always need no matter the amount of whites and greys and golds and wood tones I try to surround myself with.

These agate slices are available on Amazon for $11.49 for a set of 12.


My plan right now is to get the dresser primed and painted and then reassess. I can’t wait to get this done!


2 thoughts on “the dresser project: the plan.

    1. Well, fortunately, I got rid of a lot of his furniture. 🙂 And he did give me half of his dresser. But I honestly look around and think “where did all of this stuff go before!?” I think one of the more interesting things that has come in to play is that when I lived in all of my apartments I notoriously organized a lot of my clothes under my bed. But as an “adult” (with 2 dogs, ahem) I don’t want to store things under the bed. So where are those things supposed to go!? Ahhhh.

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