crave or save, the hgtv way.

I haven’t had cable in 4.5 years now and honestly, I thought I couldn’t survive without it once upon a time. Just ask my old roommate. I was completely against getting rid of cable … until I started living by myself. And I’ve been quite pleased without it ever since. I never have a hard time getting off the couch and going somewhere (unless I’m in the middle of a Friday Night Lights marathon) and I have plenty of other things to watch through Netflix, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime.

That being said, I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the one thing I really miss (okay, I miss Lifetime, too) is HGTV. I’m an HGTV junkie. And I’m even looking forward to staying in a hotel this weekend just so that I’ll have access to whatever is currently showing on HGTV. Even my doctor’s office had it on yesterday when I arrived. It’s like they new I was coming. Well they did … but I digress.

My aunt and uncle have both told me that Daniel and I have a resemblance to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Talk about COMPLIMENT! It totally beats being told you resemble Napoleon and Deb. I briefly considered us going as Chip and Joanna for Halloween, but we would just be dressing in normal clothes so I’m not sure it would really have that much “costume” appeal.

That said, in honor of Magnolia Market‘s grand opening this weekend (someone please take me to Waco NOW!) I was looking on their website to see what I could buy from little ole South Carolina to make me feel like I was on a great big Texas adventure when I stumbled upon this standing mug rack:


It’s precious and fun and I’ve been toying around with getting one myself mainly because of a lack of cabinet space in our current home. But you know what also tends to come with a lack of cabinet space? A lack of counter top space, hence my not buying one. Except this was the one I was thinking about buying, from World Market:


If you want to get a little bit of Magnolia Market right here in Columbia, South Carolina, check out this substitution. It would definitely provide a fun rustic tone to your kitchen counter, for about $110 less.


One thought on “crave or save, the hgtv way.

  1. I love Fixer Upper too! I am ready to go Waco anytime! I had no idea our taste were so similar 🙂
    I bought this rack about a year ago to hold my jewelry in my armoire. I love it.

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