back in the kitch … kinda.

I made a promise to myself this week to make my return to the kitchen. With a busy April that saw little of daylight I promised myself May would be different. I set a schedule on my google calendar — I linked to the recipes I’d be using for the first week. And then day 1 of the week – last night – D and I decided to head to Motor Supply to celebrate our two year anniversary. Dinner was amazing. I ordered the wreckfish – and the polenta was lavender!


This morning, before I headed out the door, I was determined to make good on my time in the kitchen. I always want the most basic of smoothies but am constantly searching for someone to tell me what variables to use. I knew I had berries and almond milk and in my effort to stay away from dairy products I didn’t have any greek yogurt to add. I found a simple two ingredient recipe online that worked perfectly. Maybe next time I’ll add a banana … but I decided to save my banana for later today.

Mixed Berry Smoothie


1 cup Frozen Berry Medley
1/2 cup Vanilla Almond Milk


Puree the berries and almond milk in a blender.

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