a few things lately.

On one of the many trips I’ve made to Hobby Lobby lately, I picked up a new pillow on a whim.


I like the way it looks with the kilim pillow I got recently. I moved my black and white pillows into my bedroom. I had been leaning towards gold a lot in decor but never considered buying a gold pillow until I saw this one and loved it.

Thursday night, D and I headed up to Craft and Draft for Devine Night Out because they had Revelry Brewing on tap.


Devine Street was definitely hopping. It was my first time there for Devine Night Out and I wish we could have stayed for longer to check out what was going on everywhere.

Friday night I spent on the couch with a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup that Mary Beth brought over. I also enjoyed a lot of The Good Wife. (And have even more over the days that have followed. I can’t get enough!)


Saturday night we went to a tacky Christmas sweater party. D definitely wins for his sweater. Now if only I could get him to give a big smile (and get my hair to grow out faster)!


Sunday I finally hit the canvases and started doing some painting, which had been my goal for the weekend before the chicken noodle soup became a necessity.


I’m working on painting a tesseract for someone on the piece of plywood [above]. I hope it will look cool when I’m finished.

I also worked on a blue crab I was commissioned to do for a friend of mine. If only I could teach Miles Davis to lend a paw.


Here it is currently. It doesn’t feel quite finished.


I have a lot more painting to finish over the next week. Wish me luck!


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