the mountains & my heart.

Some days are just better than others, you know?

A few weeks ago, after a beautiful day in Clemson (aren’t all days in Clemson beautiful, though?) and a long overdue win against those cocky Carolina Gamecocks, we woke up Sunday morning in the mountains and headed North to Brevard. It was a short drive from our house and one spent soaking in the beauty of the trees on what should have been a crisp November morning but instead was nice, if barely even breezy. We checked the clock and headed straight to Oskar Blues for something guaranteed to quench our thirsts before lunch at The Square Root. The day was perfect and the town, quiet, as it is wont to be.

We spent the afternoon walking around town, in and out of shops, on a mission for Christmas shopping that left little to be desired (for me) and little desire (for D). When the evening began drawing nearer, we took our queues and headed South, stopping by a pottery store I had been wanting to stick my head in since my last stop there over a year ago. We kept going until we got to Bald Rock, a place we’d oft passed by on our way home but ne’er stopped to see.

The air was getting cooler but the sun was just right as we exited the car and crossed over onto the rock among pairs of two and four, wrapped in blankets and staring out into an expanse that I could get lost in for days on end. bald rock We watched as the sun set lower and lower, signaling our impending departure for the trek back to Columbia. As we left, we scooped up some local honey from a friendly salesman manning a table between parked cars. There’s something about the mountains that just makes you want to stay, the people that just makes you want to befriend.

It was the perfect ending to the day and I can’t wait to return to sit upon that rock, or any mountain top that will lend their expanse to me.


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