anthropologie meets columbia, sc.

Anthropologie has finally opened in Columbia! Last Thursday evening, Mary Beth and I attended the grand opening preview party and it was a beautiful sight.

Champagne filled flutes with cranberries were being passed around, a smores and caramel apple bar was being manned, and the clothes and home goods and jewels, oh my! It’s going to be quite a problem having an Anthropologie a short 3 miles from my place.

As a sign I’m definitely getting older, the only things I bought were two plates.


Now the question is: what do I do with them? I feel like if I hang them up together, I need another plate to pull them together? I’ve always loved this one. Or, do I want to get the rest of the Mooreland plate collection to hang those all together? Then what becomes of my Lou Rota? A single serving plate? Something to be hung elsewhere?

When did I become the girl that likes to hang plates so much?

Also, can we talk about how much I love gold flatware? This is beautiful.


I think I’m in trouble.


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