pet portrait.

A few months ago I painted a pet portrait for one of my best friends as a surprise. It was my first attempt at painting a pet, and could definitely be described as a “labor of love.” I remember standing in my apartment all afternoon with the canvas in the middle of the floor. I’d walk up to it and start working, stand up and walk away, and then come right back and do it all over again. I repeated that same pattern all afternoon.

I really loved the way that painting turned out, so I was excited when I was asked to do one for someone else. But also nervous. My first attempt was a pet I knew and loved so this seemed like a whole different subject matter and furthermore, completely uncharted territory. You never know until you try though, right?

With a single picture and a board as my canvas, I got to work. I learned a few things in the process, too.

1. For pet portraits, true canvases are a much simpler medium. Painting on wood was a difficult task.

2. Yorkies have a lot of hair.



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