happy project weekend!

Every now and then (and probably more often than I’d like to admit) I find myself inspired and itching for a project. It’s a good thing I have a lot of them laying around. I have a few paintings I need to finish up (but the end is definitely in sight on) and then it’s on. But, before I am able to start work on some of my other pieces … I need to have a vision.

I have a pie safe. It looks very similar to the one below, but needs a little tlc. For one, it’s missing the entire back side. Some family friends purchased a beach house last year and this was there when they went to move in. I scooped it up before anyone else could revel in it’s awesomeness and have had it lying in wait ever since. While I am quick to attack with a paint brush, I’d like to restore this back to it’s natural beauty. Do I need to refinish the entire piece to do so? I’m not really sure about that. Rustic is kind of my thing, but with a back piece needing to be replaced entirely I wonder if that will make me change my mind on that. Or if that even matters considering it’s the back side.

pie safe

I also have a chair that was an old piece of office furniture, very similar to the chairs below except that my chair cushion is one big piece rather than two and there is no tufting. I really like the lines on it … it’s sleek. I think it’s an old Danish style. I had initially thought about painting the wood on it until D checked it out and pointed out the mortise and tenon joints. I’d like to keep those visible, and the wood is in pretty great shape itself. Should I do something simple with the upholstery? I really wish I could figure out how to do it myself. I’ve had a sewing machine for years … and I have the time to play around with it right now. But why do sewing machines always throw me for a whirl? It’s the one crafty thing I can’t seem to take ownership of.


On to the upholstery, I was thinking something fun for this piece, but not dated. I have a hard time picking out fabric. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I just love color and designs so much, I never know quite where to focus. I found this one, which I think would look really good with the natural wood and work in different rooms well.

navy ikat

I like the colors and I think they would be extremely workable. It also doesn’t scream too much ikat, at least not to me. Or, if I went solid, something colorful like this, which resembles the above combination.


I also really like this bright green.


If I went with something like that, I feel like I’d be missing out on a chance to go funky with something small. I could also see redoing a couch in one of these greens. I love the way Jenny Komenda’s green couch looks here:


Plus, D’s couch is screaming for some love one day. Although I do love the look of this Anthropologie one. Where would one find fabric like that?


Speaking of couches, I think I’ve settled on a grey linen blend upholstery for my parlor couch. No, I haven’t found it yet. I’ll need about 12 yards of fabric for it. I think I’ll take the tufts out of it permanently with the hopes that it’ll make it slightly more comfortable and functional. It is similar to this and has matching tufted chairs, which I don’t have at my place at the moment.


It’s too bad I couldn’t find a cool killim inspired fabric for it. But I think it would eventually date it too much, especially with it’s particular style. I think that fabric is hard to find unless you’re Anthropologie.

That’s a lot for now. I need to find a friend to tackle all of these with while D finishes flipping the house he’s working on right now. In the meantime I’ll just pepper him with questions.


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