wicked apple float.

I really like seasonal foods, so every time I’ve seen one posted lately I’ve made a mental note to check it out eventually. You know, when I have free time. What’s free time, though?

Last fall I made a tasty pumpkin pasta. So far this year, I’ve only served pumpkin in a dessert. But I also wanted to try a dessert with a seasonal beverage. Having only fallen in love with one seasonal beer thus far and after realizing – quite sadly – that River Rat Oktoberfest wasn’t going to be around forever, or even til the end of October, I decided to check out a recent recipe from Oleander and Palm. It was similar to another one I’d seen using a seasonal beer, but this one called for a nonalcoholic apple ale, which seemed perfect for a girl recovering from a weekend with a head cold. That’s right, nonalcoholic. But I’m certain this would taste just as good – if not [obviously] better – with some hops.

Wicked Apple Float


Wicked Apple soda – found at World Market
ice cream
chocolate syrup – because D keeps this in the fridge at all times


Fill a large glass with scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, pour the soda over the ice cream and then drizzle with chocolate syrup.



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