trying something new in town.

One thing about being a Columbia girl is that sometimes it’s just too easy to do the same ole same ole. I’m pretty predictable sometimes as far as my restaurant tastes go, so D and I make an effort a lot of times to go somewhere we’ve never been.

Queue last Thursday night. We headed to The Crescent Olive for the first time to check it out. They were having a fundraiser for Curing Kids Cancer so it seemed like the perfect night to stop in. They poured us each a glass of wine (plus a few drops of strawberry olive oil) and then D and I went around tasting oils on bread before heading to another room and sampling them on vanilla ice cream! It was a lot of fun – and tasty, too! We picked up two different kinds of olive oil to take home. One was lavender, of course, but he picked it!

From there, we went to The Mamas and the Tapas. I’d never been before but, being a big fan of tapas, I had been wanting to try it. It’s hard to cheat on my beloved Gervais & Vine, though.

We had the following for dinner:

Something shared:

wings – twice fried wings tossed in a Korean inspired chile sauce, served with ranch dip

Mama’s tapas:

crab claw mac’n cheese – Southern style crab mac’n’cheese made with snow crab, served with a crab claw and butter dip

Papa’s tapas:

Kobe beef sliders three all-beef sliders, served with fries; choose 3 dips

We enjoyed it and it was definitely something different! We also discovered they have trivia on Thursday nights … for cash prizes! I cost D the $50 cash prize when I went with George Strait over Garth Brooks for one answer. But I did know the answer to “what’s the first letter on a typewriter?” Hello, Q!



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