whirlwind weekend.

Friday night, after catching up on my Parenthood watching in the early evening, I’d gotten it in my head upon hearing the mention of thai food that I wanted pad thai for dinner. It makes me think about when Ryan Gosling said in The Notebook “When I see something I like, I gotta… I love it.”

So Miss I Never Know What I Want had a plan for the night that included taking D to Craft and Draft for the first time and then getting myself some pad thai. But first, beer.


Delicious. I love the artistry of hops. And also the taste.

When we left, I thought we were headed to our old favorite Bangkok for supper. But D had tricks up his sleeve and took me to Basil instead!


It was wonderful. I had an apple martini and D drank a pineapple mojito while we ate fried wontons and pad thai! Perfect date night followed by a viewing of Muscle Shoals.

Saturday morning at 7 am I headed up to Clemson to see us beat SC State 73-7. It was a hot day in God’s country.


I enjoyed spending time with both of my brothers and getting to finally see a Clemson win this year!


Sunday I got up and headed to the mountains to spend the day with my parents. The weather was such a welcome coolness compared to the three digit Columbia heat. We stopped for a late lunch at the Cafe at Williams Hardware on our way home, where Mom and I both got the ahi tuna salad special.


It was a nice weekend on the road keeping busy with my family and I enjoyed it. I hope I continue to enjoy the busy weekends in the coming months!


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