experimenting with colors and shapes.

I was recently commissioned to paint a picture for a nursery. The baby’s name is Seren, which is Welsh for star. It’s so sweet and unique.

I was asked to paint a Celtic star with the baby’s name on it. Have you ever tried to google exactly what a Celtic star looks like? You get a million different answers. Here is what I ended up going with.


It reminded me of when I used to draw my own mazes on my notebook paper in school. It was quite a process sketching it out and painting it. I think it turned out pretty cool.

I also spray painted an old rocking chair of mine. I found it in one of my grandmother’s sheds years ago and claimed it. I originally spray painted it a bright blue and had it sitting next to a red table I’d found on the side of the road one Saturday. A discard from a pile of not sold yard sale items from that morning. My vision is for the chair to be green with a black and white striped seat cushion and to repaint the table black and affix a brass knob that I picked up from Anthropologie recently.

Here’s the rocking chair after I finished with it.


And here it is in progress where you can kind of see some of the former blue color. It almost looks tie dye.


I sprayed the bottom/underneath first. I have no idea how I did it the last time but I got that idea from Young House Love when they recently spray painted some adirondack chairs. I probably should’ve taken their advice and used Rustoleum paint but 1. I had already purchased spray paint in a color I’d fallen in love with and 2. They seemed to work fine with whatever kind of paint I’d used previously as I tend to keep them in a covered outdoor area.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I still can’t find a seat cushion that fits my needs size-wise and my wants color-wise. I’ll keep truckin’.


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