feeling crabby?

Life is picking up and getting busy again, which is good. The weather is cooling down, kickoffs start tonight. I love the rhythm of autumn.

I get so hurried in late August and September and October and months of Saturdays being dictated by ESPN that sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down, taste the beer, pick the paint colors I want.

Saturday I did that. Despite all the works-in-progress everywhere I turned, I picked up a slab of wood I’d had my eye on for something not yet claimed. I knew what vision I had for it and I started painting.


I joked with D yesterday that all this time spent alone and painting can be both calming and emotionally exhausting. Why emotionally exhausting? Because I watch as many Lifetime-esque movies on Netflix as I can while I’ve got a brush in my hand. It gets really bad when the movie makes me cry while I’m painting.

I’m pretty happy with how this crab turned out — distressed, sealed with polyurethane, and all. It’s exactly as I’d envisioned it.


I originally posted the crab for sale here along with a few other things I have for sale, if anyone is interested. But it sold too quickly! It is now available through a contest Creech & Creed Real Estate Services is conducting if you like and share their facebook page before 8 am tomorrow! So get on it, friends.

I also enjoyed a good brew Saturday evening. I am loving the selections in Beer Camp so far and I always feel like it’s something special when I have one.


I had this one the other day, too. Delicious.


Here’s what the whole 12 pack looked like. When I went to pick it up, no one knew what I was talking about at the liquor store. I had to find the right guy with the right key to the right room, and then he wouldn’t let me buy a second. Treasure chest.


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