citadel bulldogs.

A (admittedly long) while ago I promised a couple of my best guy friends I would paint them a Citadel painting for their respective offices. Of course, they were the first 2 people to go on the back burner when my schedule got busy. They’ve succumbed to sending me pictures of their blank office walls with commentary letting me know “a painting would look really nice here” from time to time. They’ll get over it, is what I surmised.

The first one of the two Citadel paintings has been in progress and staring at me from my easel for a couple of months. The shame. I took last Monday off of work so I could spend the day painting and used that time to finish that one. Only half way there!


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to see it on the wall (as promised!). Aside from my delayed progress across the board, when I sat down to actually paint it it took quite a long time and ended up looking differently than I’d initially planned. At first, I hadn’t added any of the blue. But I thought it looked too bleak after staring at it for so long. So I guess I’m glad it took me so long.


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