life of a painter.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of painting. I have 3 easels currently set up in my apartment and 2 more paintings in addition to those in progress (one on the floor and one on my coffee table). It makes me really want a studio to paint in. But that’s the thing about painting, it doesn’t really afford you the ability to have a studio in addition to your 700 square foot apartment. I just can’t have anyone over to my apartment because, well, it’s my studio.

I’ve decided that painting commissioned work really makes you learn a lot about your customers. I’m sure all business owners can say the same. I prefer those clients who tell me exactly what they want, let me run with it, and then love it in the end. A perfect world.

Then there are those that expect me to match colors – through an iphone picture. So I take the picture and what I think it looks like according to the Pantone color chart to Lowe’s. And the girl at the Lowe’s paint counter first doesn’t understand Pantone, even though there’s a huge wall filled with Pantone paint chips. She asks me what the paint color is called. Pantone doesn’t have names; it has numbers. So I head to Sherwin Williams. “Can you give me a sample of a Pantone color?” I ask. The man working there looks at me as if I’ve asked him to lasso the moon for me. “Did I pronounce Pantone wrong?” I say. “What’s Pantone?” he responds. In the paint store. His coworker, who has heard of Pantone, instructs me to drive to a different Sherwin Williams, where I go and watch the guy search for the Pantone color wheel for approximately 20 minutes before he finds it and informs me he can not mix that color but will attempt to match one. I don’t understand paint stores.

Today, at Lowe’s, an older customer at the paint counter suggested I try to tint my paint with rit dye or food coloring. Interesting. All my years of painting and I’ve never heard that suggestion before. I’ll have to google it.

The thing about painting is, I used to keep my finger nails painted. All different colors. I’d paint them once or twice a week. Now my finger nails are green (because that’s the color spray paint I used today and yesterday) and cream (because that’s the base coat I put on a lot of my paintings). I can’t seem to escape those colors right now. At least my hands look like those of a painter.

I read something today about an author who says that every creative should take themselves on a date each week. Wouldn’t that be nice? To find the time to do something for yourself like that weekly. Yesterday I decided to paint something I wasn’t commissioned to do, something I wouldn’t be judged on by a client. It felt good. It’s my favorite thing I’ve painted in a while. It’s mine. I guess that’s the date I had with myself this week.



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