venturing out.

Friday evening, the gang headed to dinner at a Mexican joint we’d never patronized before — Santa Fe Mexican Grill.

I’d read about Santa Fe Mexican Grill in the Free Times and knew it was right up our alley. A hole-in-the-wall on Decker Boulevard? How had we not been there before?

When we pulled up, I realized I’d been to that location before back when I lived off of Decker about 15 years ago when it was an Asian restaurant called The Orient.

Santa Fe was delicious, fresh, and authentic. One gentleman who came up to us and asked if we were there because we’d read about it in the Free Times was kind enough to explain the menu to us (and how to order off off the menu) and then told us that they’d been coming there every Friday for the past 10 years.

Saturday night, the gang ventured out again. This time to Blue Cactus for my first adventure there ever. Considering they’ve been open for 20 years, that fact alone should be shocking. I’ve walked by it more times than I could possibly begin to count.

Mary Beth ordered a delicious appetizer for us (and one I can rarely pass up).

Krab Puffs – krab meat, cream cheese and green onion in a deep fried wonton skin served with hot mustard and duck sauce.

Then, D laughed as I ordered a quesadilla at a Korean Mexican restaurant but hey, I figured it was safe for a first timer.

Chicken Quesadilla – filling of choice with 1/2 pound white cheese in flour tortilla served with salsa. (fillings – sausage, chicken, spicy pork, ropa vieja beef, veggies, tofu or red/black beans.)
The service was incredible – and super kind! We also learned that you can BYOB which, well, is pretty awesome. Especially in Columbia, SC. I’ll definitely be going that route in the future.
It was a fun weekend of escaping our comfort zone – and back yards – and getting some good eats at the same time!

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