turkey burgers.

Growing up with two older brothers, I’ve been more independent than one might think. Or at least, more independent on the outside — and heavily dependent on my brothers, Mom, and Dad.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve admitted more and more that one thing’s true — you need a man. He doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or your husband, but there are some things that are just easier when a guy’s around.

In our house, Dad always operated the grill. Mom cooked everything else, but Dad did the grilling. So when my friend Ashley suggested cooking turkey burgers I immediately thought: “How?” “It’s raining out.” “Plus, I don’t grill.”

Alas, I turned to the stove top and put on my “I don’t need a man” hat and got to cooking what is, by far, the easiest lunch I’ve ever had.

Turkey Burgers


Ground turkey from Publix – around $5
Mrs. Dash – Which I admit, I didn’t have. So I used garlic powder, Buster’s Rub, and a tiny bit of soy sauce. Mrs. Dash all the way next time!


1. I made 5 patties from the ground turkey I had. (That’s $1/lunch!)
2. I turned the stove top to medium-high heat, poured some olive oil on the pan, and tossed some patties on it. Make sure you don’t crowd the pan. I cooked 3 the first time and the last 2 the second time (adding more olive oil in between).
3. After 5 or so minutes, flip the patties and cook for around 5 minutes on the other side until done.

I ate this topped with some fresh avocado and it was perfect. Who knew it was that easy?


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