greenville, how i have missed you.

If I didn’t love Columbia (and being nearest my family and friends) so much, I’d move to Greenville in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful, it’s close to Clemson, it’s got a thriving art community, the food one-ups us over and over again, and so much more.

D and I headed up there in June for my friend Jarvis’ backyard wedding. First, we joined Reagan and Trey for a late lunch at The Velo Fellow. I ordered a delicious po’ boy.

Po’ Boy

Fried green tomato with bacon and pimento cheese served on soft, toasted Italian bread with lettuce & tomato.

Shortly thereafter we headed to the wedding.


{Trey, Reagan, Jarvis, Sarah, me, D}

On Sunday morning, D and I went to brunch at The Bohemian. It was delicious.


Taos Breakfast Burrito

A flour tortilla wrapped around eggs, green chiles, grilled onions, cheddar, home fries and spicy homemade chorizo sausage, garnished with green chiles and served with grits

We stepped next door to Horizon Records to pick up a stash of new vinyl before heading out.


Next stop: Greer. D got to meet Ben for the first time! They were the cutest.



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