showering amanda.

Ferris Bueller once, quite notably, remarked “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I feel like that has pretty much been the theme of the last several months for me.

In April, as I was preparing for an event, running my 4th half marathon, celebrating the birth of my new nephew, spending Easter with the family, dancing away as a bridesmaid, and so much more, I was also so lucky to help co-host a shower for my dear friend Amanda in celebration of her impending bundles of joy! Yes, bundles — plural! I couldn’t be happier to decorate in all things pink AND blue. And Amanda’s nursery being grey and turquoise meant all things pink and turquoise. What could be better?!

I made a banner with the twins’ names on it which Amanda now has hanging in the nursery! Mary Beth, Valerie, and I made pom poms and strung them from the chandelier and across the mantle along with some onesies done for us by SRC Embroidery. I also painted a 2×4 to be used to decorate in the nursery.


We also had some peas in a pod for guests to take with them as well as a little station for them to write a note to Amanda and Hayes (and Elliott and Cole, too!).


In addition to sweet treats and a mimosa bar (or just OJ and cranberry juice, if you will), we had a wonderful time showering Amanda.

One of my favorite things we did to decorate for the event was painting mason jars. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials online for how to do this, but we decided to paint the exterior of the mason jars rather than the interior. This way it was a lot easier to do (rather than throw paint inside and shake it up and hope you don’t add too much or later on wash it out accidentally) and we were able to sand it down to give it a rustic look. When cleaning (once we emptied the flowers out) it was a lot easier without acrylic paint coming into play.

I had such a good time celebrating Elliott and Cole and spending time with my sweet friends.



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