bachelorette party in folly.

This past Friday after a long day at work I headed to Folly Beach to celebrate my old roommate Emily’s bachelorette party.

We kicked the night off with dinner at Taco Boy.


I, of course, had to prove for a minute that I was queen before we headed out to the dance floor. I know, I know, I dressed really snazzy for a bachelorette party. Really I just dressed for the drive down and stayed that way.


Here I am proving the difference between hippie … and hipster.


Saturday, for lunch, I took the girls to the Bohemian Bull right down the street. I discovered the joint in January and was excited to go back for a meal! And a local brew, of course.


For lunch I ordered the Folly Cheese Steak.

Folly Cheese Steak

Tender Ribeye sliced thin, topped with pepper jack pimento cheese, grilled peppers and onions


We headed to Prohibition on upper King downtown for supper on Saturday night and enjoyed delicious – and fancy! – drinks and lots of eats. I sipped on the dartery and the strawberry smash. Both equally delicious.


For our appetizers we shared mushroom focaccia, baked oysters, and duck quesadilla. For supper I ordered the carolina roll – so much!


Sunday we stopped for lunch at Lost Dog before I headed back home and back to work! I enjoyed a mimosa and a burrito and a lot of fun with the girls.



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