In February, D and I headed to Atlanta for my dear friend Sarah‘s nuptials. We got up bright and early Saturday morning and hit the road. I’d promised good barbeque for lunch to my date and I did not disappoint. We stopped at Fox Brothers as soon as we got into town. I had, predictably, only ever ordered grilled pimento cheese before there but this time I finally got my act together and ordered the pulled pork. And for D, lots of meats were in order.


En route to Roswell we stopped by [my favorite] Virginia Highlands so that I could stop in Dakota J’s for some new jewels. (I love that place!) Next up we arrived in Roswell to get dressed before heading over to the Founder’s Hall for the wedding!

I knew less than a handful of people and my bride was so popular that evening (her wedding – go figure!) but we had such a fun time. Each table had to sing a song lyric about love before we were able to get in line for our food. Here’s my group belting out:


We even followed it up with a kiss for the bride and groom!


It was such a fun evening. And – bonus – there were mini grilled cheeses!


Plus I had a pretty sweet date!


On the way home we swung through Athens and ate lunch at Clocked! I had the most amazing burger.

Bacon! Jam Burger

House blackberry bacon jam, lettuce, and clocked garlic-dijon sauce on 100% all natural, humanely raised beef

It was so delicious I slept the whole way home. And then we were back to our regularly scheduled power tool Sundays.



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