the one list that should go viral.

Every time I see a list detailing things to know before you’re 30 or things to do in your early twenties or what you should know at 25, I want to make my own. And I see a lot of those lists. In my head I edit them, my red pen a wand across whatever device I’m reading on.

8. Keep a picture of your first boyfriend.

Me: No no no no no.

14. Go in or out. Don’t linger in doorways.

Me: Maybe they’re right, I’m not a vampire. But I do like doorways.

22. Don’t date someone with poor grammar.

Me: How else am I going to change the world one person at a time?

I feel like I could write these lists for a living. You wanna know the greatest thing about exiting my twenties? I survived without becoming a Lindsay, Amanda, or Britney. Wanna know what I’m most thankful for? I didn’t end up with that guy that was so wrong for me I needed a new word for wrong? The biggest lesson I had to learn the hard way? That no matter how many times you hear that you won’t be friends with everyone forever and yet keep thinking your friends are the exception, eventually you’ll learn they are not. And it’ll be okay.

What else?

My mom was right when she said I’d take better care of things I spent my own money on.


I’m glad I didn’t get married at 21. But if you want to, who cares?

You’ll never regret having that glass of wine with a friend. You will regret glass #3.

Call your parents.

Brush your teeth.

Stop thinking Thursday nights are part of the weekend.

Find your happy in every day.

That’s all for now.


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