philly cheesesteak bell peppers.

Last night I walked into the door at D’s house a little bit after 7 and we were headed out to hear the Dead 27s play at 8, so I knew I wanted to fix something quick for us to eat that wasn’t a Trader Joe’s pizza. (Despite the fact that those are, in fact, DELICIOUS.) One standing goal I have is to try to get better about being able to throw dinner’s together. I’m such a rules girl. I follow recipes to a T. I measure everything. Or at least I used to. I can’t remember the last time I measured olive oil and my recipes themselves are beginning to take the turn of my mom’s. She’s never known how to re-create what she’s made exactly because she always changes things around. I think it is for this reason that I’ve taken to writing down (or typing, as it is) what I’ve done in the kitchen so if I want to to the same (or something similar) I might be able to in the future.

I opened the fridge last night already knowing I had the makings of philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers. But I knew I didn’t have the time the recipe called for to make them, so I decided to improvise a little.

2 green peppers cut length wise, seeds removed and hallowed out a bit
1 sweet onion
(Neither D nor I eat mushrooms but I know philly cheesesteaks normally include those, so you can add those and cook with the onion if you so choose.)
8 provolone slices
8 oz thinly sliced roast beef
olive oil

1. Drizzle olive oil in a pan and add the diced up onion and cook. (If you have time to do caramelized, do so for around 20-25 mins. I just cooked mine for sake of time.)
2. Cut the roast beef into strips and add it to it another 5 to 10 mins.
3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Put the green peppers on a baking sheet. (I lined mine with tinfoil for easier clean up and spillage of cheese.) Stuff the bottom of the peppers with a slice of provolone.
4. When the meat/onion mixture is done, spoon it in the bell pepper then top with another slice of cheese. Bake for 15-20 mins but I would watch it.

D suggested that in the future, I cook the bell peppers a little bit before adding everything so that they’re a little bit softer than they were after only being cooked 15 minutes. I think I’ll try that next time or just cook the final product a little bit longer. All in all though, they were a delicious alternative to philly cheese steaks loaded with carbs!

We headed out to Tin Roof with Mary Beth and Katie to hear the Dead 27s. I felt so old! Thursday nights are definitely not what they used to be for us.



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