how to deal with internet wisdoms.

I’ve read every “things to do before you’re 30” and “things to do before you die” post that I’ve seen on the internet. Really, I have. I’m always hoping there’s going to be some sort of revelation in one of those lists.

There never is.

I think they’re entertaining, though. Sometimes hopeful. Oftentimes even reassuring when I can say “yes yes yes, all done” after reading it. (And I still have 8 months to go before the big 3-0.)

But then there are the ones that I nod my head to and a name or two will come to mind. Or a moment. Or the lack of one.

It made me think of some of the enormous realities that these lists don’t consider. So consider these:

Forgiveness is really great but at a certain age people should know better than to treat you a certain way. And you should know better than to forgive and forget and still keep them around.

The guy you end up with isn’t necessarily going to be the one you dreamed up in your days of playing dress up and MASH but it’s because he’ll be so much more than all of that. He’ll love you, challenge you, encourage you, hold you, drive you crazy, and he won’t be afraid to create a life with you.

Cheating on anything will get you nowhere in life and it certainly won’t get you respect. But if it helps you pass your Latin class while the teacher is out of the room, do it. You’ll never speak Latin in real life anyway.

Traveling is good but so are roots. You can do/have both and still be happy.

Most styles will come back around in your lifetime at least once. (Please Lord, let the exception to that rule not be gauchos.) So if you have something REALLY awesome, screw everyone that tells you to “purge” and stick it in a box for a later date or for your daughter. It’ll be the greatest thing [she] ever owned.

Not everyone is meant to be chief. Be a good indian.

Good luck out there, y’all.


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