a weekend of firsts.

I needed a lazy non-football weekend at home like I need a grilled cheese on most days, so I was incredibly thankful this past weekend showed up. Friday night after work we hit the kitchen to cook up some fish and sweet potato fries (and hot apple cider + whiskey for me) and then hit the couch with a movie. It was a perfect night in after a very long week.

Saturday morning I was at Hobby Lobby when they opened, at Publix soon after, and visiting with Mims subsequently before heading home to make my first piece of jewelry in a long time.


I’ve mostly just been fixing jewelry for my friends lately so I was excited to find the stone above at Consign It, a consignment shop on Forest Drive, for a mere $4. I couldn’t wait to add a longer chain and some color to it for a simple statement piece.

Saturday evening we headed to our dear friends Ashley and Jesse’s Halloween party. I wore an old Alice in Wonderland costume of mine and Daniel dressed up like a cowboy.


Mims and Mary Beth came by later after they attended a wedding.


Sunday morning D, Mary Beth, Tucker, Robert, Patrick, and I all feasted on breakfast at D’s. I cooked bacon for the first time EVER! I know I know but why cook it when someone is always willing to cook it for you?

After everyone left, D and I got to carving our pumpkins. Another first for me. And they looked quite spooky at night.


We finished out the weekend with some tomato soup, pesto grilled cheese, an avocado, and some American Horror Story.


I love this time of year.


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