home for the weekend.

I decided to forego a weekend in a Clemson in favor of staying in town this past Saturday [and for fear of the outcome against FSU].

Friday night D and I kicked the weekend off with a trip to the fair. He feasted on a foot long corn dog and I on some fiske fries, we played games galore, and we treated ourselves to dessert of fried oreos and a cinnamon elephant ear. It was horrible and wonderful all at the same time.


I had my first hot chocolate of the year on Saturday morning before we headed down to Soda City Farmer’s Market. Then we hit Thirsty Fellow for brunch where I had a special on the menu: shrimp on a hoagie roll with pineapple and cashews. It was incredible and came with a side of gamecock defeat. D liked his meal too. (Not so much the loss, though.)


Saturday evening I headed over to Morgan’s for girl’s night for a short while before leaving to catch the Clemson game before kickoff and just in time for a warm Schianno’s pizza and some wine – the perfect combo for pouting during a terrible game.


Sunday D and I headed out to a house he’s working on and I proceeded to get paint all over me. For dinner we headed over to Mary Beth and Tucker’s where Mary Beth served up one of Ree Drummond’s delicious pasta dishes. It was a perfect weekend at home and I’m looking forward to another one coming up!


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