fall beach weekend.

Twice a year I head down to the beach with my sweet friends for a long weekend at Litchfield. So Thursday night we packed up and headed down there, stopping at Mr. Bunky’s for a quick late super of fried catfish at the front end of the trip.

Friday morning I got up bright and early and went for a run on the beach and into Huntington Beach State Park.


After a breakfast of homemade crab cakes, we hit the beach for the day. A small group of us even walked down to Huntington Beach State Park for a tour of Atalaya. Friday night we had homemade chicken enchiladas and a lot of fun. There were 15 of us altogether for the weekend fun.

Saturday morning Mims and I got up and went on an hour and a half walk through the neighborhood, through Huntington Beach State Park, and along the beach. When we got back we were greeted with red velvet chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, cheese grits, and champagne. We spent the remainder of the day on the beach before coming in for a supper of shrimp and grits. The evening looked like this:


And I was super happy to be spending time with this guy:


Sunday morning we got up and headed home reluctantly. We stopped in Aunny’s in Georgetown for a quick brunch during the first leg of the trip and later on at the Sumter Flea Market.


I always hate to see this weekend go.


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