mumford & daughter.

Last night, Alex, D, and I hit the road to see Mumford and Sons in Simpsonville after work. Alex and I are both big fans and D, well, he went along for the ride. I haven’t been to that venue since seeing John Mayer there in 2002 and I haven’t seen Mumford since they played in Asheville in 2011. So I was understandably excited.


And they didn’t disappoint. Nor was Marcus any less attractive.

The thing I love about Mumford and Sons that reaches past the instrumentals (man oh man do I love a fiddle and a banjo) is the fact that their words transcend their lyrical quality and become spiritual. My old youth director/minister (who now has a church in Traveler’s Rest and was at the show last night) always taught me to look for the messages in secular music. Like Coldplay’s “Yellow.” Mumford and Sons does it to me again and again.


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