home sweet clemson.

It’s no secret I love my friends, football, and Clemson. So this Labor Day weekend had been waited upon with great anticipation.

Friday night started out with Mexican with the boys where they drank towers of margarita and I was handed the keys. (I prefer my tequila straight.)

I got up early Saturday to do a little cooking before heading up to Clemson for the game. In spite of a few scattered showers it was a beautiful day in Clemson (as it always is). I got to spend time with my family and my best friend in my favorite town – couldn’t ask for more!


{With D}

Oh wait – maybe I could ask for more. Clemson won against Georgia and is now #4 in the polls! It was a great way to kick off the season.


Sunday morning we headed to Cracker Barrel in Greenville with Mom and Dad to meet my brother Will and sis in law Katie for breakfast before heading back to Columbia.

For Labor Day I headed to knock out some errands for our cookout at D’s house that night. But first, the gang and I all met up at my pool for the afternoon. When we regrouped at D’s we sat around eating cheese grits, beans, and fried catfish that he’d spent the afternoon cooking up!


It was a great weekend celebrating with my best friends.


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