caesar’s head, south carolina.

August is a big month of travel for me and this year I started it off with a week in Caesar’s Head with the family. We hit a lot of trails and waterfalls including a two mile hike that rappelled down to gorgeous Rainbow Falls, a look at Pretty Place, and a glimpse at all 4 falls in DuPont State Forest.


{Pretty Place}


{Hiking up to Rainbow Falls}


{Rainbow Falls}

We stayed in a gorgeous home in Caesar’s Head and made day trips to Bervard, NC for dinner at Marco Trattoria and lunch at Quixote and beer tastings at Oskar Blues and antiquing downtown.


{Drinking a Mama’s Little Yella Pils with Mom at Oskar Blues}

We went to Asheville for the day to visit Asheville Brewing Company and Highland Brewery and for dinner at Curaté.


{Asheville Brewing Company}


{Highland Brewery}

The mountain house we stayed in was in Cliff Ridge and there we played tennis and went canoeing and fishing and swimming and jogging.


{Before a tennis match with my brother Daniel}


{Canoeing with my brother Will}


{Hanging with my brothers and sister-in-law Katie}

And I was reminded time and time again why the mountains are my first love.


3 thoughts on “caesar’s head, south carolina.

  1. I haven’t been canoeing since I was a kid! It always looks like so much fun! Glad somebody gets to travel a lot this month. I haven’t been anywhere since May and I am itching to go on another trip!

  2. I love the mountains and especially the waterfalls. Looks like y’all had a great time. This just makes me want to make a trip soon.

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