a busy, rainy summer.

As it seems to be the case in the months where the sun is usually the hottest, life gets really busy here in South Carolina.

For starters, I was in Newberry for a few days helping run a youth leadership conference. It included a day trip to Clemson where I got to meet Tajh Boyd.


And the rock (in all it’s broken glory).


It was windy. Can you tell? I also went to a horse reproduction barn. That was … interesting. I met this guy:


Shortly after that one of my favorite holidays rolled around: the 4th of July. I started the day with a 4 mile race around my ‘hood. Apparently I was really serious about it.


That afternoon included a backyard party at some of our friend’s house and this delightfulness:


I ended the day on the rooftop trying to see fireworks over the tree tops, so you know I was at the peak of happiness.

The 5th of July was celebrated with manis and pedis and a movie with Mom.


I’m a summer loving girl, rain be dammed.


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