every week is the best ever.

Last week started off with lunch on Monday at Harper’s with this sweet face:


Accompanied by her mom, Brittany. Two of my favorites! Wish I could start every week with them.

Monday night, exhausted from the weekend, we ordered carry out from Pho Viet and listened to the rain. I was feeling adventurous and had the curried squid and I actually thought it was pretty good. But apparently too chewy for leftovers.

Tuesday I had girl’s night with Katherine, Shirra, Katie, Erin, and Kendall where we made bracelets at Mad Platter thanks to a silent auction prize Katherine had scored. We all brought apps and wine and made glass beads for the bracelets. It was so much fun!

Wednesday, after a long workout with Mims, she and Andy and I made burritos and watched Silver Linings Playbook. I love my weekly date nights with them. D joined for the movie and a mustache contest. I won.


Thursday after work I headed to Pizza Joint to meet my old roommates for pizza and beer. Then Friday we hit El Burrito for dinner. I love their tacos and spinach queso dip more than words can express.


I also love sitting outside and drinking beer.


Afterwards we headed over to Mary Beth and Tucker’s where Mary Beth and I became deeply involved in … a puzzle. It was awesome.

Saturday, after a morning spent wearing a tie dyed shirt and listening to reggae while I contemplated painting but ended up napping, I headed over to Valerie and Travis’ for their annual pool party. It was perfect weather and my first time in the pool this year!


I headed to Mom and Dad’s afterwards for mojitos and dinner.


They made delicious salmon and orzo. Mom also made homemade brownies to go with the homemade vanilla bean ice cream Dad made. Yum.


Sunday morning I found out when I got to Sunday School that I had missed a great sermon in early church by one of my favorite ministers, Julie Songer Belman, on loving the unlovable. I can’t wait to listen to it here. Mom said it touched on a subject I often preach about myself.

For lunch, the entire fam (brothers and sister in law included) headed to Woodcreek for brunch to celebrate my awesome daddy. It was delicious.


When I came back into town I headed over to D’s to talk his face off while he painted his porch columns. Then we grocery shopped and he cooked up eggplant parmesan and spaghetti for dinner for us, Mims, Andy, and Robert.


Meanwhile I laughed my face off watching Robin Hood Men in Tights. Hopefully I burned all my beer calories off in the process.


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