widespread panic-ed.

Saturday morning D and I headed up to Raleigh for a couple of nights of Widespread Panic. I had never been to Raleigh before so I was excited for a weekend exploring a new city.

We headed to a late lunch at The Oxford where I got a black bean burger and a PBR, predictably.

Housemade spiced black bean-sweet corn burger with cilantro tofu “mayo”


Once we finished there we headed to get our tickets and wander around the lot before settling at Deep South Bar with a couple of yuenglings.


A couple of hours and a couple more later – and a laugh so good and hearty my face hurt – we headed to Red Hat Amphitheater for the show.


It was an awesome set and I boogied my way all through the night.

Sunday morning we headed to brunch at The Flying Biscuit. We both got BLTs.

Crisp turkey bacon, fried green tomatoes, lettuce, cashew jalapeño relish, and goat cheese served in a whole wheat bun


Afterwards we headed to NC State to walk around campus. It was my first time there and I was so excited to see another ACC campus.

In the afternoon we headed downtown to the Food Truck Rodeo. It was the biggest food truck event I have ever seen. We got beers and walked around checking out all the vendors.


Then we headed to Raleigh Times for supper. I had guacamole and a local brew.


We headed to the lot to hang out for a bit before night 2 of Panic.


The sky fell on us but I’ve never been so soaked and so happy in my life.


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