the day i finally went to the batting cages.

Yesterday was one of those days that could’ve ended badly if I’d let it get the best of me. I cancelled the plans I’d been looking forward to and with nothing on the horizon, the slight mention of an iced latte combined with the Columbia weather made me crave froyo oddly enough.

First, I had my third grilled cheese of the week for supper. I wish there were a diet called the grilled cheese diet because I’d be the master of it for sure.


Afterwards we headed to 32 Degrees for froyo!


When we finished up it was 7:30 and still bright and warm out and I couldn’t think of a thing to do with the day. But D did! We headed to Frankie’s Fun Park, since I’ve been talking about going to the batting cages forever. Guess what? I’m pretty good.


We played a couple of rounds of putt putt before heading back across the river to check out the band at Hair of the Dog.


The band, Space Jam, was pretty awesome and comprised of several of the guys from Concrete Jumpsuit.


There was also a guy painting in there. He was amazing.


Naturally I was completely obsessed with his final product.


As well as the crazies dancing.


2 thoughts on “the day i finally went to the batting cages.

  1. I have a grilled cheese every night I work late — so at least twice a week — and I’m pretty sure it is a legit diet so we just need to write the Grilled Cheese Diet Handbook and it’ll be on the NYT Bestseller list. When you’re done with your other book, okay? Okay.

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