war horse weekend.

This weekend started off with dinner with my family at Basil on Friday night in celebration of my mom’s SIXTIETH(!) birthday. She looks damn good for 60.


{Daniel, me, Will}


{Katie, Mom, Dad}

After a quick stop in ULTA for the girls, I hit the road for New Zion for a weekend with my grandmother.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Turbeville to pick up a couple of her friends and then the 4 of us set out for Florence to meet up with a tour bus coming through from Myrtle Beach. Once we loaded up on the bus we set out for our final destination: Charlotte.


Once in Charlotte we unloaded just in time to attend the matinee of War Horse. It was undoubtedly one of the best plays I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend it to anyone.

After a stop at Cracker Barrel we headed home. I realized that night my Nana is super concerned I don’t eat seeing as though the only thing she saw me eat all weekend were biscuits and eggs. Oops.

I loved getting to spend the weekend with her but I had a hard time keeping up with her 84 year old self! She was up before me every day and stayed up much later than I every night. And apparently was worried I was going to fall back asleep and miss 11 o’clock church. But I saw her pleasantly surprised face from the choir loft when she saw me sitting in the pew.

On my way back to Columbia after church I drove right by our farm and this view of it:



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