short & sweet & full of fun.

This weekend started out exactly as weekends should: with happy hour at Salty Nut. Mary Beth and I split a pitcher of Long Island ice tea and I got a veggie burger to eat.


Don’t you worry your pretty little head, we also had frickles.

Afterwards we headed over to Hair of the Dog, soon to be our version of Cheers. We played the shot wheel and we played shotski.


Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to a beautiful view.


I headed out to run errands before the rest of Forest Acres was up and rewarded myself with a misspelled chai.


Charles picked me up around 9:30 and we headed out to Gilbert to pick up a piece of furniture I was purchasing from Craigslist. After we brought it back and unloaded it at my place we headed back out to go to Lake Murray and take Charles’ new boat out with Zack.


It was a perfectly overcast day on the lake and a great afternoon to spend with the guys drinking a few beers and catching up.

After Charles and I headed back into town we met up with our friends at Miyo’s for supper and sake followed by everyone going over to my brother’s house afterwards to hang out. It was a nice Saturday with friends.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early again and went over to Mom and Dad’s to hop in the car with them and headed to New Zion to surprise my grandmother at church.


We headed to Becky’s Restaurant for lunch and then back to Nana’s to catch up. Of course I couldn’t resist going through her she’d and attic while we were down there. I’m so excited about my finds.

We had a long afternoon in New Zion and I had to get back to Columbia for a long overdue reunion with three of my best friends from Clemson. Mandy is about to relocate from Pennsylvania to Louisiana and is staying at her parent’s house in Greer until her move in one week so she and Elizabeth drove down from the upstate and met Joy and me at Takosushi for dinner.


I had so much fun and always realize when I see those girls just how much I miss them. The night could’ve gone on forever but unfortunately we had to go.


We’re like a brunette mafia.


I was so sad to see such a fun filled weekend end but so ready for sleep!


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