paint and pour.

For a million reasons and about a million times I have always said I would never go to a paint and pour night. Yet last week I did just that for my sweet friend Morgan’s birthday. Mary Beth, Amanda, and I met her out there to celebrate with wine and paint. The place, Unwine, was just what I expected with the exception of one thing — they used STENCILS. I have painted a lot in my life and that was a first. And, a trait to which I attribute (or blame) my mom for, I’m pretty free handed with a paintbrush so I don’t react to stencils like my friends did, carefully tracing the outline. I just drew a loose line around it and figured it’d all come out on the wash – er, paint.

Here are Mary Beth, mine, and Amanda’s finished products:


My main problem with this concept is that I paid $35 for a piece of artwork I don’t want to hang when I could’ve probably bought 7 canvases for that price. But I am glad I got to spend time with my sweet friends.

Afterwards, Mary Beth and I headed over to Alex’s new house (currently under construction) and placed the canvases on his mantle. He informed me later he’s using them for kindling. Bollocks.


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