the [short] list.

Following my conversation with Peter last week I started thinking some more about what I’m looking for in my other half. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about it at all. In fact, lately my thoughts have been restricted to bad dates and, you can guess, what I don’t want in a man as a result of those “dates.”

My wants and wishes change over time and I’m realizing they have become something almost less defined but more happiness-centered. Here we go.

1. Can make a mean grilled cheese. Because no matter the day, no matter the moment, if he can master a grilled cheese I will swoon. I will need swooning pants. And I will want to grab him and kiss him thank you. So if he’s smart he either already knows what he’s doing or he needs to learn. Grilled cheese is always better when made by someone else.

2. I think I can handle it now if you don’t love sports like I do. But one thing is for certain: you must entertain the idea that I love sports. Listen when I talk about sports articles I’ve read. And attend Clemson games with me. Have no fear, we have beer at our tailgate.

3. Makes me laugh. Simple and true.

4. Will hold the level, operate the drill, carry the heavy piece of furniture, clasp my bracelet, cook on the grill, and pour my mixed drinks.

5. Wants to sit on the back deck with an ice cold beer and some bluegrass music dreaming big with me and making plans. And then live them out.

What do you say, world? Think you can throw me a bone?


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