weekends start on thursdays, right?

Thursday, Jon and I headed up to Solstice for a long overdue visit with my friend Lisa who bartends up there.


We had a grand ole time that included a great [light] supper. Here’s what I got:

#1 Ahi Tuna Tartare Lettuce Wraps
hydroponic bibb lettuce, mango, pickled cucumber-carrot “salad”, red chile aioli, toasted sesame seeds, crispy wontons


After work on Saturday we headed to Kemopalooza to volunteer! Here’s what that looked like for me:


And here’s what that looked like for the guys:


We had so much fun we ended up at The Woody afterwards.

Saturday, after I fell down the stairs and broke my Jack Rogers, I headed to Meredith’s wedding in a hand-me-down dress of Catherine’s that I hand stitched the beading back on. I was so excited to wear the dress!

I got my must-get wedding picture with Elizabeth:


And I got to play in the photo booth:


{with Bryn}


{with Elizabeth and Eric}

Sunday included re-drilling holes in a cabinet of mine (yes, I had a man’s help) so I can replace the handles finally and then some hammock time:


I love Columbia, the springtime, and my awesome friends.


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