laura’s peanut butter goodness recipe.

I ran by Marshall’s yesterday to wander around and ended up stumbling upon some Agave Nectar. I’m always shocked by the random stuff carried at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx so I stared at the Agave Nectar before remembering why I was staring at it: I’d just looked at a recipe by Laura that called for using it. So I grabbed it and headed home to see if I could pull together the rest of the ingredients.

1 cup natural crunchy peanut butter
1.5 cups old fashion oats – I happened to have some unused Quaker in the cabinet.
1 cup agave nectar light
7/8 cup protein powder – I used Trader Joe’s Organic Hemp Chocolate Protein Powder.
1/2 a cup chocolate chips (optional) – I didn’t use this.

I stirred them together and realized it made quite a lot. Laura recommended eating with just a spoon but I had just cut up some celery so I used the deliciousness as a celery delivery system and it was so tasty and shockingly not sinful!


I ended up finishing my evening with a glass of blackberry moonshine and a movie. Oh and also a little Adam Scott.



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