over the weekend.

I had a pretty eventful few days over the weekend.

It all started with Thursday night. Don’t weekends start on Thursday? Well, my grandmother called as she was coming into town and told me one of her friends was unable to attend that evening’s performance of Les Miserables at the Koger Center and would I be interested in going. Obviously I was ECSTATIC. The performance was a-mazing! And I loved seeing my grandmother, as always.


Friday evening post-work I started on a project involving glue and jute the very second I got home. Which means I had glue all over my hands. I’m such a 5 year old. Eventually I headed over to Salsa Cabana (which is exactly what you’d expect). Even more eventually I headed to Bar None. Because when someone says to me, “What is open after 2 am?” I thrust my arm into the air like Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club and shout “Bar None!” Because what else would you do?

Suffice it to say the night was pretty blurry. As in, it looked a bit like this:


[Taken at Salsa Cabana after my first shot of Patron of the evening.]

Saturday morning I didn’t feel very chipper. Nevertheless I headed to pick up Katherine for our first Pure Barre class. I don’t even need to bother putting it into words as Katherine described it beautifully here. We must be gluttons for punishment because we’ve both been back since.

After Pure Barre we went and checked out the new Trader Joe’s. Columbia’s movin’ on up. After we scored some bagels at Bruegger’s (my fave is the egg white and sundried tomato sandwich: egg white, cheddar cheese and sun dried tomato spread on an everything bagel) we headed home and I SLEPT. Sort of. For a few hours.

Eventually I headed to Mary Beth’s where she fixed pasta and we all hung out – including Stephanie(!) who was in town.

Sunday I woke up after a short 3 hour Saturday night nap and fixed scrambled eggs and salsa while Stephanie stopped by. Eventually I got to running some errands and doing some work in my apartment and finally found these, which I’ve been looking for for a few weeks now:


Brittany was in town, so I joined her and her mom, brother, and grandmother to see Oz the Great and Powerful in the afternoon. On my way home I stopped by Trader Joes once more to pick up some flowers to have for girl’s night at my place tonight!



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