the good, the bad, and the fun projects.

Mom has always told me that we sometimes need the bad to remind us to recognize the good.

I had a pretty shitty Friday night – excuse my Italian. So I didn’t really know how the rest of my weekend was gonna go. Saturday morning I ran some errands including a drop off at Goodwill before meeting up with Valerie and Travis to head to our friend Mitch’s for breakfast burritos before the St. Patty’s Day festivities. Last time I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Columbia was 2 years ago and I went to bed at 7 pm. So I figured I’d skip out on that and get some things done while everybody else was getting their drink on.

I chased my dad down at Lowe’s when I found out (via Mom) that he was there sans phone. I got his advice on a couple of projects before he headed home and I headed towards this view:


When I left Lowe’s I headed to Ale House to meet the gang and this view:


Afterwards we headed to The Woody for some booty shaking. Seriously, there was a lot of that. My friends are nuts.

I ducked out relatively early a short 6 hours later to get home and crack open my chalkboard paint. Months ago my grandmother had given me an antique frame on one of many trips I’ve paid to New Zion. I managed to break the glass on the trip from the trunk of my car inside my place so the frame has been staring at me looking for some purpose. I picked up some plywood and some chalkboard paint and did this:


This morning I ran across town to Target, Michael’s, and Publix before meeting the gang at Thirsty Fellow for brunch which was, in a word, incredible. I had eggs benedict with salmon and roasted potatoes.


Mary Beth and I decided to hit some stores both in search of a few specific things. I picked up some new drinking glasses and this new rug:


So excited for some other fun projects I have to work on!


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