happy week, happy weekend.

This week was full of so much goodness!

1. My kickball team DOMINATED Monday night after I dominated 6.2 miles on the pavement. Our little team of 11 beat a big ole team of 27 a whopping 9-1. I snapped this picture of the State House on the way to Catherine’s for some post-kickball girl talk:


2. Alex and I went to the USC v Davidson baseball game Wednesday night!


It was a perfect chilly night in Columbia.


3. I learned that getting up early just to have cereal and hot tea is absolutely worth it.


5. I visited the library lots and finished both Paper Towns and Sharp Objects while also checking out a lot of other books including this one:


5. I published my first entry on Pooping Rainbows! You can read it here. True story.

Now on to this crazy weekend.


2 thoughts on “happy week, happy weekend.

  1. loved your first rainbows post! so happy to have you on board 🙂

    also, the faults in our stars it THE BEST. easy read, but the most emotional easy read, ever. so really it isn’t an easy read at all haha.

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