how to fill the silence.

With Mom and Dad out of town recently, I spent a lot of time dog sitting out at their house. That time consisted of cooking, girl’s nights, and beer.

First off, I finally mastered quinoa. It only took a little over 6 months. I used a recipe Brittany had sent me for Quinoa with Jalapeno, Peaches, and Pecans. But because I can never follow directions, here’s how I changed things up.

I used the following ingredients:

2 cups vegetable broth – I bought it in the can this time, so it was a little under 2 cups.

1 cup uncooked quinoa

2 large jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced

1 large fresh peach, peeled and diced

a dash of salt and a dash of pepper

I would have used 1/2 cup chopped pecans but I forgot to bring some over to Mom and Dad’s. When Brittany made the recipe last summer while we were in Kiawah, she used pecans.

To prepare, I went ahead and cooked the quinoa and then had it sitting on a back eye as I tossed some olive oil (instead of butter, which I rarely use) in a skillet over medium heat and tossed in the jalapenos to saute them. Once finished, I tossed the jalapeno and the diced peaches into the quinoa.


When I wasn’t in the kitchen, I was at Bonefish with Katherine, Kendall, Katie, Erin, and Shirra. They had a delicious chocolate creme brulee that we all shared.


Valerie, Mary Beth, Amanda, and I had Smoovie Night at Valerie’s! Val had the awesome idea to make smoothies and for us to watch a movie together! We picked Celeste and Jesse Forever. Rashida Jones’ character is so eerily like me in the things she says it had us cracking up the whole movie.

Saturday morning I headed to meet Paige for brunch and then Jon and I decided to head to the Cornbread Festival. When that didn’t pan out exactly as we’d hoped we stopped by Drip for some thirst quenching (and for him, a grilled cheese).


Then we headed over to World of Beer.


While we were there telling stories the place kept filling up with my guy friends from Clemson including one of my best friend from college’s husbands! Duane!


We ended the night at Oyster Bar with some magnificent oysters. Perfect recipe for an overcast and cold Columbia Saturday.


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